Resilio’s Passion
- Greeting from the President -

The Professor Chihiro Tohda at the Institute of Natural Medicine, Univer- sity of Toyama, who is the inventor of our supplemental product Diosgenin Gold, has pursued the research for more than 20 years to investigate the pharmacological mechanism with pharmacologically active components in the natural medicines and to find out unknown new pharmacologically active chemicals in the natural medicines of Japanese and Chinese origin.


The main research subject of Professor C.Tohda is to find out effective compounds for the prevention and/or treatment of dementia in plants used as natural medicines. Based on her long-term research experiences in this area as a specialist, she focused one component “diosgenin” contained in yam, and continued the researches and finally she could prove that diosgenin improved cognitive abilities successfully in the Alzheimer-model rats. She could also elucidate experimentally the target receptor protein of diosgenin and the mechanism of action in the rat brain. Further, she perfor- med the clinical research by using diosgenin soft capsules with healthy volunteers under placebo-controlled double blind conditions, and the clinical research clearly showed that the diosgenin soft capsule, same formulation as Diosgenin Gold, could improve the cognitive abilities statistically against placebo. The activity of the cognitive ability improvement was recognized more clearly in aged group of the healthy volunteers than younger group.

Resilio Co.Ltd. was established in June 2013, in order both to complete the patent registration for the breakthrough research result of Professor C.Tohda, and to deliver the breakthrough research result to public as quickly as possible through it’s embodiment as dietary supplements and/or drugs. We decided Resilio as company name, which was originated from “Resilience” meaning power of recovery, vigor and cheerfulness.


And finally, we have reached now to the stage for marketing our supple- ment ”Diosgenin Gold”, protected by our registered patent, 5 years after our company establishment.


It is Resilio’s thought and heartful wishes that our supplement Diosgenin Gold, created through making use of Yam’s power by professor C.Tohda, could contribute to individuals’ happy cheerful lives in good communica- tion together with family and friends.


We Resilio continue to support the professor C.Yohda’s research on the prevention and treatment of dementia, and We make every effort to minimize the difference between the average life expectancy and the average healthy life expectancy in not only Japan but also worldwide.


The Resilio’s H.P. here is prepared for introduction of Resilio’s company profile, Resilio’s business activities, some part of research activities, relevant information and outcome performed by Professor C.Tohda  Department of Functional Neurology, Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama , and not to be prepared for sales promotion of Resilio’s commercial products.

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