What is the Raw Material used in Diosgenin Gold ?

Diosgenin-rich type of Yams is limited worldwide. Unfortunately, Japanese Yams contain little amount of Diosgenen.



We Resilio use Diosgenin extracted from the Yam obtained in Henan Province of China, which is well known as the top grade quality used for Chinese medicines. Both the raw material Diosgenin and the supplement “Diosgenin Gold” are manufactured at the factory in Japan under strictly controlled GMP regulations.



Recently, there is certain tendency in general for people to keep Chinese-origin raw materials at a certain distance. However, it is also the truth that most of raw materials used for Chinese medicines cannot be produced except China. The Yam called “KAI-YAMA-IMO” obtained in Henan Province of China is produced at the well controlled farm and the Diosgenin-rich Yam extract, used for Diosgenin Gold, is manufactured at the extraction factory having the state-of-the-art facilities.

原料製造 カラム工場
原料製造 カラム工場

Why is it necessary to take Diosgenin through the supplement ?


Though the Yam has many good effects to the health, if people want to take necessary amount of Diosgenin through eating the Yam, they need to eat it in fairly large quantities. Further more, as certain sugar binds to Diosgenin in the Yam, it is difficult to be delivered to the brain even if eating it in large quantities. The formulation of “Diosgenin Gold” was finally established successfully to overcome these difficult problems.


Accordingly, Diosgenin, as component for cognitive function maintenance and improvement, cannot be delivered efficiently and effectively to the inside of brain except taking the specially- designed supplement.