28th June 2013 Established with the capital of 20,000,000 yen
24th July 2013 Applied Patent 1: Therapeutic drug and therapeutic method for neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s disease associated with 1,25 D3-MARRS
21st Apr 2015 Applied Patent 2: Therapeutic agent for diseases associated with nerve axon dysfunction, including therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease
30th June 2015 As a division of Patent 1: Resilio applied for patent 3 that Diosgenin, 1,25 D3-MARRS etc., has effect on various neurological diseases through food and drink supplements and additives
7th Aug 2015 Registered Patent 1, Registration Number : 5789339
Jan   2016 Commence the double-blind crossover clinical trial of Diosgenin
8th June 2016 The capital increased to 27,000,000 yen through  increase in shareholder allocation
18th Aug 2016 Applied Patent 4: ActivatIng agent for reconstitution of the neural network
Nov   2016 Completion of the clinical trial
Feb   2017 Completion of analysis with the clinical trial results
30th June 2017 Registered Patent 2, Registration Number : 6165323
30th June 2017 Registered Patent 4, Registration Number : 6165380
29th Sep 2017 The capital increased to 39,600,000 yen through  increase in third-party allocation.
5th Jan  2018 Registered Patent 3, Registration Number : 6267160
18th Jan  2018 Received the patent objection(2018-700039) against the Patent 2, Already submitted the reasoned comments
18th Apr 2018 The office established at the current address
April  2018 Clinical research summary with Diosgenin in Yam contributed at the monthly journal ”Gekkan Kenko vol.April” published by Shufunotomo-sha
Aug  2018 The article titled“ The Secret of Prevention and Treatment for Dementia” based on the clinical research with Diosgenin in Yam, contributed at the monthly journal ”Soukai vol.August” published by Makino-Shuppan
Oct  2018 The article titled“ Series of Dementia, Look at this Person” based on the clinical research with Diosgenin in Yam, contributed at the monthly journal ”Kenko 365 vol.October 2018” published by H&I inc
Nov  2018 Our supplement ”Diosgenin Gold” started marketing in Japan.
Jul  2019 Solved the patent objection issue(2018-700039) against the Patent 2, Maintenance of the Patent 2(6165323) decided